World Trichology Conference 2023

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Dr. Victor

Dr.Victor, the premier brand dedicated to developing scalp care products focusing on anti-loss and hair growth. Developed by United Pharmaceuticals New Zealand Limited, a leading developer in New Zealand. We believe in the power of everyday personal care products that play a vital role in maintaining the health of your hair and scalp.

At Dr.Victor, we understand the importance of superior products regarding hair loss prevention and growth. Our brand focuses on scalp care, combining science and the power of nature. Our breakthrough GeneRevive technology transforms and restores damaged root genes within 30 days, enhancing nutrient penetration more directly into the hair follicle.

We firmly believe that truly effective anti-hair loss is not a miracle, nor is it due to some “magic” ingredient; it is derived from science. After years of extensive clinical research and trials, we have launched our first hair regrowth spray, Dr.Victor Healthy Hair Tonic. It is formulated with a potent combination of Kopyrrol, Kopexil, and Swiss-patented Redensyl®. These three ingredients work in synergy with GeneRevive technology to restore hair density and lustre from the root.

Dr.Victor’s team is committed to making people’s lives better and happier every day. We strive to provide innovative solutions that address the concerns of those experiencing hair loss and find ways for those who want to grow their hair to regain the confidence to enjoy healthier, more vibrant hair. Join us on this journey to revitalise your hair and transform your daily hair care routine with Dr.Victor.