World Trichology Conference 2023

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KC Technology

KC Technology is a leading developer and manufacturer & which keeps developing and specialising in the skin, scalp & hair measurement & analysis system since 2000, we have set the goal of becoming the world’s best in cosmetic, medical, and industrial imaging related fields, and have put our best efforts into developing new technologies and producing products.

In the field of skin, scalp & hair measurement system in 2019 , with the belief not to lose their trust, not only the co working partners and distributors who have been with us, but also those who choose and use our products.
With the goal of solidifying our sincerity as a professional company and using this specialised technology to play a role in a larger and wider market, we have rebuilt our business into development and production parts and marketing sales and development parts, respectively.

In order to keep this belief, we have been continuously pushing forward with the development of new technologies and production of products that can be helpful from the customer’s point of view.
Thanks to this, KC Technology has been remembered as a sincere and honest company that does its best to provide trust and satisfaction to family members.

By supplying the best technology and products to domestic and overseas leading cosmetic brands, research institutes, esthetics, hospitals, pharmacies, and clinic centers, we are solidifying our position as a specialist in skin and scalp & hair measurement systems.